I'm a 20 year old music Photographer Based in Surrey & Hampshire. 

I have been attending live music venues across the UK for over 5 years as a spectator. I love watching many different types of music but specifically; Mod, Ska, Punk and Rock.

A few months back I purchased my first DSLR and instantly fell in love with the art of photography. I was lucky enough to travel to Thailand and experience the culture whilst capturing it through a lens. It wasn't long before I realised I could incorporate the two hobbies I had grown to love. After purchasing some low light lenses I was presented with the opportunity to photograph my first Gig at a local Venue. I am not in this to make money, I am here because I enjoy what I do. All the photos you see are taken completely voluntary and free of charge. I do it because I love it! It will remain this way for the foreseeable future whilst I find my feet and share the amazing experiences I have along the way.

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